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GD Badaya Memorial Auditorium

where legends perform …

GD Badaya Memorial Auditorium, a unit of the Sanskriti College, is the most prestigious Educational Group of Jaipur. The 1000 seater Auditorium has been a host to some of the best Theatrical, Dance, Musical Performances and Award Functions. The Auditorium building is an elegant structure with aesthetically designed Public Areas, Main Hall, Green Rooms, etc.

These efforts resulted in the creation of the finest and technologically the most advanced Theater Hall of that time. This Auditorium, which was subsequently named as GD Badaya Memorial Auditorium then became the venue for most of the prestigious cultural performances staged in the city of Jaipur

Even though the best of technological features had been incorporated into the design and construction of the Auditorium, the Hall Management has since then not rested on its laurels. The aesthetics of the general areas of the Hall such as the foyer and the mezzanine, the actual Hall and the Stage, the Green Rooms, Toilets and Office, etc. have all undergone significant improvements.

The Auditorium is strategically located in the Mansarovar area of Jaipur at Shipra Path near Gyan Ashram School. Mansarovar is well known as the Educational and Cultural hub of the Capital of Rajasthan. The Auditorium is well connected by Bus services as well as the Jaipur Metro which has its station just 1 minutes distance from the Auditorium.

All the above steps have resulted in GD Badaya Memorial Auditorium continuing to maintain its leadership status as the best Theater Hall of its size in the Country.

The Auditorium  is  proud to be considered as one of the finest Halls in  Rajasthan for presentation of prestigious performances.

The Auditorium has one of the finest stages in the City of Jaipur with a width of 60 feet and a depth of 20 feet. The Auditorium stage is ideal for demanding theatrical performances. To enable quick  change  of  scenes  and  sets  as  well  as  elaborate  lighting design, the stage is equipped with truss with an upper height of over 25 feet.


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  • Spacious Auditorium with well equipped sound system
  • Full Air Conditions
  • Best for Corporate Meeting, Weddings, Events, etc.