Booking/Reservation :- Its easy to book the auditorium !

Any party intending to book the Hall should enquire from the Auditorium Office regarding the availability of the Hall on the required date. This can be done either through Tel. number or through a personal visit. In case the required date is available the Party may request the Auditorium Management to block the relevant date or dates to enable other booking formalities to be completed. These must be completed within 4 days of the date/s having been blocked failing which the date/s will be released.

The  booking  party  is  then  required  to  fill  out  a  Contract  Form  giving  all  details  of  the  proposed performance. This Form can either be collected from the Auditorium Office or downloaded from  the Auditorium Website. A duly filled up Form along with the advance payment should then be submitted to the Auditorium Office within 4 days of the date or dates having been blocked. The Auditorium Management will thereafter within a period of 4 days either confirm the booking to the Party or in case the booking cannot be confirmed then return the advance payment back to Party.

From a perusal of the Contract Form it would be observed that the Hall is available for various time

slots    and    activities.    For    performances    the

morning slot extends upto 14:00 hrs. and the evening slot is available from 14:30 hrs. to 22:00

hrs. For Rehearsals/Setup or Dismantling, specific times and rates have been indicated in the Contract Form. Any party, who wants to have the Hall for more than one day and who wishes to

block the Hall for the complete succeeding day may be required to pay applicable retaining charges.  The  Terms  and  Conditions  have  been

spelled out in the Contract Form. Further clarifications can be obtained from the Office.

Apart  from  use  of  the  actual  Hall  itself  the

booking party can avail of additional facilities and services such as use of Lobby, use of additional side area etc., etc. These too have been elaborated in the Contract Form and can be further clarified by the Auditorium Office.

If any party install an elaborate Sound and Light System. Specified details of Microphones and Lights has to be submitted before the office. The Sound and Light facilities installed in the Auditorium should be more than adequate for most performances. However, should the Booking Party so desire they may hire external Contractors for Sound and Light from any one of the approved parties after payment of applicable charges to the Auditorium. List of approved Contractors is available with the Office.

After obtaining confirmation of the booking and paying the necessary advance, the Booking Party is expected to remit the balance payment to the Auditorium at least 1 month prior to the booked date

As per Government Rules all shows in the Auditorium need a performance license to be issued at least 7 days before the show date by the Commissioner of Police (Licensing), Jaipur. A Form of the Affidavit to be filed

with the authorities for obtaining the License is available from the Auditorium Office.

Lastly, we would like to mention that at the time of the Show, Gate Control and ushering of the spectators into the Auditorium and guiding them to their seats is the responsibility of the hirer. We would also like to highlight that it is absolutely essential that the number of spectators admitted into the Auditorium does not exceed the maximum limit of 1000

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