Light & Sound Setup

The  Auditorium  has excellent acoustics. It  is  furthermore  possibilities  to  equipped  with  a  professional quality sound system using, Amplifiers and Mixer. The Auditorium also has its own sophisticated hall.Hall in line with the latest advancements the sound and light installations and controls have been systematically upgraded. To ensure reliable power supply, a one MW sub station along with possibilities to install full Diesel Generator Power Backup has also been provided. In order to meet the spectators and performers’ requirements of Snacks and Beverages, a well equipped Canteen and Snack Bar has been commissioned.         If any party install an elaborate Sound and Light System. Specified details of Microphones and Lights has to be submitted before the office. The Sound and Light facilities installed in the Auditorium should be more than adequate for most performances. However, should the Booking Party so desire they may hire external Contractors for Sound and Light from any one of the approved parties after payment of applicable charges to the Auditorium. List of approved Contractors is available with the Office.