Term and Condition of Hiring Auditorium

Term and condition of Hiring Auditorium :-

The Auditorium will be available between 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. The Auditorium shall be vacated immediately after the programme.

  • There are capacity  of  650  seats  in  the  Auditorium.  Possibilities of extra  chair  is  there.  The

Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium shall ensure that all possibilities shall be observed before the booking.

  • The Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium will issue the Invitation cards/tickets as per the capacity of the Auditorium.
  • The Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium shall obtain N.O.C. from the Commissioner of Police, Jaipur, the performance license and sale of ticket license if Entries are by sale of tickets for cultural

programme and casual license for show before the shows and abide by all the regulations prescribed for such performance and be itself Liable for any processing regarding any tax, fine, penalty etc.

  • The Party/Organization is unable  to  use  the  Auditorium due  to  non-production of  performance license, NOC / Casual License, failure of electricity, fire strike, earthquake, flood, and act of war or an act of God. Management will not be liable for refund of hire charges or any other losses.
  • The Party/Organization shall furnish a Certificate of Exemption from the payment of entertainment tax if the admission is by sale of ticket from the Entertainment Tax Department before the show. Failing the payment of tax, fine/penalty will be its own liability.
  • The Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium shall obtain the permission for installation of tentage at open ground from Commissioner of Police, Jaipur and be itself Liable for any legal processing

regarding any tax, fine, penalty, etc.

  • Municipal or other taxes if any, will be the liability of the party/organization hiring the Auditorium.
  • No open fire/inflammable material/smoke effect will be allowed within the premises of Auditorium, Green Rooms etc

No fire/weapons offense or defense will be allowed within the premises of Auditorium, Green Rooms


  • Smoking/drinking/eating is strictly prohibited inside the Auditorium, Green Room and on stage. No

briefcase, bag, Tiffin box, binoculars, food packets, bottles etc. is allowed inside the Auditorium. The

Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium will ensure that the restriction is strictly adhered to.

  • No liquor is allowed within the premises of the Auditorium and green room etc.
  • No Party/Organization will be allowed to handle the Auditorium properties without the consent of

the Auditorium Authority. Nailing on the stage, Podium Dias. Wooden Pencils etc in and outer walls of

the Auditorium Complex are strictly prohibited.

  • The Party/organization  hiring  the  Auditorium  will  be  responsible  for  all  losses/damages  to  the


  • The Office will not be responsible for any losses/damages to the properties of the Party/Organization

used in the performance or kept in the Auditorium premises.

  • Selling of  tickets,  Posting  of  Ushers  and  Management  of  Entrance  will  be  arranged  by  the

Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium and will be responsible for maintenance of law and order,

traffic control etc.

  • Publicity Material will be allowed to be displayed only at the specified place provided and with prior

permission from the Auditorium Authorities.

  • No Loudspeakers will be allowed in any part of the Auditorium premises without the prior permission

of the Auditorium Authorities.

  • If any  extra  light  are  required for  outside premises, a  temporary electricity connection will  be

obtained by the Party / Organization from JVVNL.

Any charges, Addition or Amendments on the Rules made by the Management will be binding on the

Party/Organization hiring the Auditorium. The decision of the management for the interoperation of

the terms and conditions given above final and binding.

  • The Management  reserves  the  right  to  refuse/cancel  the  booking  of  the  Auditorium  to  any

Party/Organization without assigning any reason.

  • Please Apply for NOC minimum 10 days before the Actual Date of Programme.


  • Request of reservation shall be made in prescribed form along with full payment of all charges and

security deposit at the time of the booking of Auditorium either by Cheque/ PO/ Bank Draft in favour

of “GD Badaya Memorial Auditorium” .

  • Refund of Security Deposit
  • Refund of Security Deposit will be made through crossed cheque on written letter after adjustment

of dues, loss to the property of the Auditorium if any.

  • Security Deposit not claimed within 1 year from the date of booking shall be forfeited.


Cancellation and Postponement / Preponement Charges

The Schedule for Cancellation and Postponement charges will be as follows:

3 months before the show                         (91 days & above)                              15%

2 months before the show                  (61 days to 90 days)                           20%

15 days before the show                     (31 days to 60 days)                           30%

15 days before the show                     (16 days to 30 days)                           50%

7 days before the show                       (8 days to 15 days)                             75%

3 days before the show                       (4 days to 7 days)                               80%

Less than 3 days before the show                                                            Nil